Came the month of December and with it the most beautiful season of the year, the family, the sharing, the love, the union, the food and the gifts abound during these festivities, but when we are pregnant and it is christmas, we women have a special role.

However, when it is a family member who is waiting for the arrival of your baby and we are in the twelfth month of the year, we wonder what to give to a pregnant woman in christmas? The range of possibilities is wide, since we can choose a gift for mom, for the baby or have functionality for both.

Gifts for pregnant women in christmas

It is necessary to take into account the tastes of the mom-to-be and the month of pregnancy in which it is located, if it is in the third trimester you probably already have almost everything you need, so that we can give something that you can enjoy before giving birth, now if on the other hand, in the first quarter, it would be ideal to gift something to the baby.

But as in this case the protagonist is the mom-to-be, here are a few recommendations for you to make the perfect gift and that she is very excited to be able to enjoy it.

Day spa: A massage on the back I would fall fabulously well before or after christmas eve, relieve the pain of back, legs, and also will relax your body and mind.

Pillow for pregnant women: beginning In the third trimester, some women are complicated to sleep, for the position to be taken by or by the weight of the belly, these pillows are designed so that women can be comfortable and get a good night's rest.

Set of cosmetics for pregnancy: The appearance of dark spots and stretch marks is usually common in this period, therefore the market offers various products such as creams that will help the pregnant woman to prevent or solve this problem, in addition to the gels to moisturize the skin are a great option.

Books on pregnancy, motherhood and parenting: moms we will always have doubts, let us be gilt or not, that's why being well informed is essential and a good read not bad falls.

Other gifts that can be very useful for mom

  • Apparatus auditory stimulation.
  • Photographic reporting.
  • Shoes or comfortable shoes.
  • Clothing pre-mom.
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