Celebrate the arrival of the baby has become a tradition for many moms; family, friends and relatives were present at this celebration to share with joy the future birth of the child, where the guests wine and deliver welcome gifts to the dads.

But this is not a festival like any other, the whole theme revolves around the baby, for that reason, the decor, food, sweets and of course the inevitable games, reign in this celebration, so we have prepared a list of ideas to have fun with your family and friends while waiting for the birth of the baby.

Ideas to play during the baby shower

Alphabet soup:

It makes a soup of letters with hidden words related to the baby and delivered to each guest, the mother should have the list of words in total. The person who achieves first to find all the words wins. You can download our alphabet soup here.

Look for the differences:

It gives every guest 2 drawings of babies that look identical, which differ in details. They have 1 minute to discover them. Once you fulfilled the minute, should be exchanged between the drawings, so that each is the witness of the other. Then, iran naming the differences that they found, winner is the person who discover the greater amount. You can download an example here.

Trivia of pregnancy:

What you know your guests about the pregnancy? This game will allow to know. Prepare a series of questions relating to pregnancy, maternity, and baby care (you Can use the contents of Facemamá in the section Pregnancy). The mom-to-be asking the questions to each guest to learn what they know of the topic. Each answer is worth one point, the one that obtains the most points wins.

Memory baby:

This is a memory game in which the participants repeated each word referred to, while adding new terms. You should to divide the participants in groups and to the mom at the center.

Discover the gift:

It is an idea to end the celebration, the mom must guess what it is about each gift but each mistake adds a penance that put the guests to the parents (it can be dance, or imitate a baby doing a specific activity such as crying due to hunger).

Enjoy this special celebration and don't hesitate to put in practice these fun games.

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