It may seem that young children are not very sociable, but what is certain is that they can establish friendships at ages as short as 8 months. If you look at a meeting or activity with a lot of kids, you'll probably find 2 babies that naturally are close to each other.

How do I help my child socialize?

  • Bring two toys the same

When 2 children play together, communicate in the activity and are aware of what the other does. This is called “associative play”. Children between the ages of 1 and 3 years of age to observe the actions of the other, and then try to repeat them, this way they learn from each other.

  • Look at the watch

There is always a suitable period of time that must be respected, especially in young children. Invite to play a friend during the last hours of the afternoon, when the little one is irritable, is not the best option. Nor is it very productive to the game sessions are too long, especially for children under 2 years.

  • Choose large toys

The best thing is that you have “toys” that can not be taken away, as a resbalín in the plaza or a swing. You can discuss about who will use , but for sure it will go well.

  • Mix

About inviting older children to play with your young child. You will see that they will be better, because older children are more easily adapted to meet the needs of the little ones.

  • Called “friend” to your friend

It is very simple, but the only fact that you've identified another child as the friend of your little one may help you to understand what is friendship and why we should value and cherish.

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