No doubt many children come out every October 31st eager to collect the largest amount of candy, and that's not bad, have fun, share, and socialize, but we need to monitor the amount of candy they can consume in just a few hours. Dr. Renzo Tassara, Pediatrician Clinic Avansaludnos gives you some measures to avoid the excessive consumption of sweets on Halloween.

This celebration, in many places of the world, is already installed, so it is not uncommon to hear and see during the night of October 31, the children dressed up knocking on the doors saying to all shout: “trick or treat”.

Sugar and childhood obesity

Beyond the traditions or questioning whether or not this festival in each country, the problem that brings is that the large amount of sugar consumed indiscriminately by minors, help to increase each time more the figures of overweight and obesity.

How to avoid the excessive consumption? Dr. Renzo Tassara, pediatrician Clinic Avansalud, delivery 5 practical tips.

  1. Moderate the quantity: You must have caution with the amount of candy taken small during these dates, since the candies are composed of refined sugars and chocolates have large quantities of fat and both contribute to weight gain.
  2. Reduce the consumption in the night: There is that to watch the amount of sweets they consume the children the night of Halloween, as this is the time fatty foods (chocolate) slow gastric emptying and excess of sugar in candy causes bloating with distension, gastric, colic and poor sleep, among other undesirable effects.
  3. Parents should dispense the quantities: The ideal is that parents have control over the intake of treats, gradually the amount you can eat children on a daily basis.
  4. Replace sweets and chocolates for gifts and surprises: An alternative that is that the people who will receive the children, to give them other things instead of candy: the surprises and goodies that you give away on birthdays may be a good option, as that will help the child to be entertained in a healthy way and be able to play with them.

The important thing then is to prevent and educate the population about the damage that it can cause in the body excessive intake of sweets and chocolates. “As the population it is important to foster good behaviors to children, and we encourage exercise and outdoor play as a way of improving the well-being”, concludes Tassara.

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