One of the things that we can worry about when we have babies very young, is to think that may be going cold. But at the same time, shelter greatly also puts them at some risk, that's why Isabel Miquel, pediatrician, gives some tips so that you can dress up and entertain for your baby during the winter.

Before you choose winter clothes for your baby, it is important that you know what type of garment is the ideal and safe:

  • Choose clothing that is comfortable for your child, with sizes large, and not fit very tight to the body, because it subtracts mobility.
  • In terms of the systems to close the clothes, the better and safer are the pins, ribbons of fabric and velcro.
  • In the event that the clothes you chose has buttons, it is preferable that they are large and flat, furthermore they are in the back of the garment, out of reach of the hands and mouth of the baby.
  • When you buy clothes for the baby, don't get carried away only by fashion or cute design. It is very important to see that the clothes that you wear are really comfortable, and safe for your baby.

Taking into account what kind of clothing is best for the baby, we tell you which clothes you should use your little one for the winter:

  • Pilucho long sleeve, knitted cotton and socks, in case you're not very frosty.
  • Just of velvet, velour or micro-fleece, in case it is very cold. Notice that the just is warm.
  • Pajamas of winter, it must be opened from behind and with legs, so that it is not cool in the event that you uncover.
  • Pilucho short sleeve knitted cotton, which is used as underwear on the baby's diapers
  • Cotton socks that challenge your legs, if you think that it is very cold, you can put other wool on these.
  • At this time the ideal materials for baby clothes are cotton still, wool (as long as the baby is not allergic), velvet and fleece.
  • In case you make a lot of cold, you can dress your child with several layers of lightweight clothing rather than one very thick.

How do you know if the baby is sufficiently warm?

It is very likely that if you feel too cold or too hot, your baby will also have a sense similar to yours. To be sure that your baby has heat, you can touch the neck or forehead, which will give you a more reliable temperature reading than the hands or feet.

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Finally, if your baby is not able to maintain its body heat, it will surely give you signs, getting restless, breathing quickly and, sometimes, crying.

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