Face the fatigue of work, the demands of the day and be parents, it is undoubtedly exhausting, but it is not impossible to have pleasant moments to enjoy the rest of our children. For this reason, the psychologist of the Clinic Avansalud, Mary Teresa Lyon, gives us important recommendations in this regard.

The winter holidays are a real break to the middle of the year, also gives us the opportunity to share experiences with our children. But, how can we take advantage of these days a vacation if, in the majority of cases, the parents continue to work? How to reconcile the long working day and spend more time with the children?

The psychologist Mary Teresa Lyon, recommends that:

the first thing you must do as adults is to identify what are the factors that are triggering the tiredness in the parents, and that prevent them from sharing quality time with their children. “The internal pressure by their own expectations of career success-employment-economic, more external expectations, eventually having direct implication in the family life, which becomes more noticeable in time of vacation.”

The above, “gives way to guilt, especially in mothers, due to the advances of the female role in our chilean society”.

For this reason, the recommendation, especially for women, “is to learn to release the complex , and to understand that these same requirements lead to the children many times to be altered”.

The presence of the parents in a sustained way over time is of great significance for the optimum development of emotional, cognitive, and subjective of a child, especially during early childhood.

“The most important thing with a child is the quality of time in which one generates an encounter with it, always and when the latter is in the care sustained and permanent of another adult who fulfills the role of mother/father”. Warns the psychologist.

How do you deal then with the tiredness of the work and the paternity/maternity?

  • Look for a continuity in the day to find less fatigue and does not solve the problem at the moment that comes to the house.
  • “That's father/mother should resolve your anxieties and be responsible not to affect the development of your child, because from here originates in occasions of abuse, by the lack of patience”, he says.
  • Finally, encouraging and take the time to include habits that are to be maintained during the following months, “such as, for example, physical care, reading games night and joint activities are important in a loving environment and containment for the children”.
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