It may be that some of the girls are frightened when they begin to notice changes and symptoms of first menstrual period. We will explain to you how to talk to your daughters about menstruation to avoid some trauma, especially if it happens to be outside your home, at school or on another site.

How to talk about the first menstruation

  • The main thing is to help your small to decrease fears, and this is achieved by talking with the girls from the moment that you observe your daughter, it can be next to the changes of puberty.
  • We must take into account that there is no exact age to talk about the menstrual period. But it is advisable to chat with the girls from the age of 8, because each small passes this process at different ages, and it is necessary that you are prepared.
  • When a girl goes through puberty, usually adopts the characteristics “sex” of an older woman; the mother should explain to you that all those changes are due to a number of situations, hormonal that are happening within it.
  • It is important that before and during the first months of menstrual period, mothers accompany them more closely to their girls, that is to say, to go with them to the pharmacy and help you choose the wipes can be more comfortable.
  • It is fundamental to tell you about the bleeding, tell clearly why it occurs, how often, and for how long.
  • You should explain to him that the moderate bleeding is normal, and happens to all girls after a certain age.
  • The girls must be comprehended during this process, as it will be a little more sensitive than normal.
  • If you have shame to talk with your daughter about these issues, then seek help. (You can discuss it with the grandmother, the aunt, or a specialist), although the ideal and the most advisable thing is to discuss it with you.
  • It is important to clarify, that from the moment of bleeding, as it is ready for a reproductive life.
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