Although it sounds impossible to teach manners to a baby of 2 years, you will be surprised with the ability of the young to capture the ideas that we want to transmit on the correct way to behave, with a lot of patience and enthusiasm, we can teach manners to the children.

From small children to examine their parents to understand what their limits are and assess our reactions to the time to overcome them, so that the ideal is to teach them manners from a very guys, so get used to it and can accept specific details as they grow up.

How to teach manners to children?

  • I know a model of behavior that inspires: The first thing is to give the example, because at that age, your child wants to be like you and dad.
  • Start with the basics: “please” and “thank you” are the first words that you can teach, and you should do it as soon as you start to use some words to communicate.
  • Ask to sit at the table with you: For a child of 2 years is quite an achievement to learn to sit still or stay in one place for more than 5 minutes. Take advantage of family meals to practice.
  • Teach him to greet you with good manners: As to the 2 years, the infant can learn to say “hello” when you get someone and “goodbye” when it's time to leave. Keep in mind that you can get shy at times. Anyway, it is good to teach to say hello because so you will be better prepared for more advanced things, like say “happy to” and give the hand. Without forcing him or pressuring him to do so.
  • Promotes courtesy to the other children: most of The fighting between children is for toys, since they don't know to share or ask. It will be very good to start from now to be generous and not acapararse all the toys when she is with other children.

It is important to stimulate and create in children the good habits, however, we must avoid forcing them or pressuring them to do something they don't want to, that is why it is vital to create in them manners from very young to spontaneously put into practice.

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