Being a mother is undoubtedly one of the most profound experiences of life, brings with it joys and emotions that we completely change the way you view things, however, tends to be exhausting, because of the lovely job of being a mother, in addition to the tasks of the home, and the delicate fact of washing the baby's clothes.

Do we have to use detergent? Is it good to wash in the washing machine or by hand? In Facemamá give you some tips on how to wash the baby's clothes properly so it is not damaged or comes to hurt the skin of our little ones.

What should we do?

  • The first thing that we should take into account is the skin of the baby, that during the first months of life is very delicate, that's why, experts recommend to wash the clothes separately.
  • It is also important to choose a type of soap or a neutral detergent, suitable for washing clothes of the baby, up to six months is necessary to include the least amount of chemicals possible.
  • After six months, if necessary, you can change the detergent.
  • Softeners should be avoided, these may cause some allergic reaction or irritation on the skin of the small.
  • The stain removers must not be included in the washed clothes of the child.
  • In regard to wash by hand or washing machine, either option is acceptable, however, we must ensure that there is no rest of the soap or detergent into the clothing, that may cause lesions in the skin of the baby.
  • Those clothes that have lace and embroidery, as well as preferably, hand-wash.
  • Not all the baby clothes need to be ironed, but, if you want to do it, try it with low temperature.

If we want to retain the baby clothes to the next or to give it as a gift, the ideal is that the bodies, enteritos, pajamas and shirts of wool, should be washed separately and without leaving any rest of detergent, bathing suits or swimwear, they should be washed without mixing them with other clothes and dry in the open air, on the other hand, the towels and blankets should be washed equally separately and apply a little bit of fabric softener to not damage the texture.

They always say that new moms are a bit exaggerated and we get caught up in things that, with the second child, give us a bit of laughter. However, do not necessarily we must be slaves of the washing machine, with a little patience and organization you can have everything up to date.

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