Importance of sunglasses for children in the summer

It is important to take care of the eyes and sight of children, especially in the months where they are exposed to a greater radiation index UV. Therefore, the marketing manager of Rotter and Krauss, Daniela Chomalí gives us some guidelines that we have to take into account.

Risks of exposing children to the sun

Because it's not news that the sun is becoming every year more dangerous to the health of those who must spend a great deal of time outdoors. Due to a constant decrease in the thickness of the ozone layer, from a long time ago recorded very high rates of radiation - ultraviolet, even far superior to what we had 10 years ago.
In this situation, experts recommend tomarmediadas of care, especially when it comes to protecting the little ones. It is therefore necessary that children are accustomed to wear sunglasses suitable to protect yourself from the UV radiation especially in summer.
“It is imperative the use of sunglasses in quality, as a complement to the traditional sun block, and to control the arrival of direct rays of sun and thus protect the vision. Just like adults, children should protect their eyes from the sun”, warns Daniela Chomalí, Marketing Manager, Rotter & Krauss.

To create awareness

  • In this sense, specialists from various areas to see the urgency of creating awareness in the adults responsible for the care of children in respect of the protection of the vision of these, through the use of sunglasses, especially designed for them, with a real UV protection and in addition present a guarantee of quality, which is non-existent in those purchased on the street.
  • To know which one to choose it is necessary to inform in specialized stores data of the child such as age and if there is any medical history on the vision of the child.
  • Also, the children will require a lens materials, frames, and coatings more firm, to give greater security and durability to the lens.
  • In regards to the aesthetics, the lens is not made for all people, so when choosing you must consider elements such as gender, face type and skin color of the small so as to determine the most suitable shell for each boy or girl.
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In summary, it is that the lens of the sun is a perfect mix between design, protection, comfort and functionality, without forgetting the attractive appearance of this accessory. “Don't forget –clarifies Daniela Chomalí - that these products should have a warranty that will give confidence to the parents, so it is advisable to buy them in a perspective of quality and professionalism”.

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