Main expenses of the baby and how to save

The basic things you need for baby can be expensive. that is why, we provide you with some alternatives to save money before, during, and after pregnancy.

Expenses of the baby and how to save

  • Power
Without doubt the main element of your baby's life, but you will be the great generator of savings in this topic. The American Association of Pediatrics, and various medical institutions recommend maintaining Exclusive Breastfeeding until six months of child's life.
  • Diapers
It is definitely the expense most significant and lasting longer, at least until your child turns 2 years will be used (both during the day and at night).
How to save: a good way is to use cloth diapers or organic that you can wash and reuse. In terms of the disposable, you should buy them in the supermarkets which offer deals in large quantities, taking advantage of the coupon offer that you get.
  • Hygiene and child Care
Our children require a good hygiene, and we must ensure that the products used are of good quality and blame with certain requirements such as being hypo-allergenic, Neutral ph, without dyes and specially formulated to care for baby's sensitive skin.
How to save: at birth your baby will give a number of products, and even one or two is already sufficient for a while, check that they will give you and then disburses in what you really need. Don't spend on creams because during the first 6 months you won't need it.
  • Equipment for the baby
There are always new products to keep babies entertained. Beware of accumulating as many that do not know what to do with them in a short time more.
How to save: first, take care of to get the basics (a good car seat, a car and the crib), and then see what you need. If a friend has an additional product, try it to see if your baby likes it.
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  • Clothes at the beginning
You'll see that the clothing serves for a very short time, because the baby grows quickly. In addition, the seasonal changes shorten even more your time of use. Fight against the desire to always have the most cute, new, and, therefore, expensive.
How to save: inherits the clothes of babies of your friends or family. Some of them are purchased second-hand. Purchase when there are offers or garments have a small fault that can be fixed easily.
  • Food
This expenditure is eternal, but you can save, especially at the beginning, because babies do not need much amount of food and their foods are not so expensive. When your baby is five or six months to start feeding solids.
  • Toys, books, and movies
If you join all the toys of a child, the account would be amazing. In addition, many of those toys go out of fashion soon and it filled with dust.
How to save: avoid buy something every time you leave with the baby. It is better that you leave be entertained with things that are yours, or utensils that are safe.

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