Abuela materna: importante en la herencia gen├ętica

It is common for us to think about who in the family will seem to our children, and that is why we have carried out a number of investigations wanting to answer those questions.

A study says that of the maternal grandmother comes from the increased genetic load; then it speaks of a well-known theory of the chilean writer Alejandro Jodorowsky, which points to the maternal grandmother as the responsible of inheriting the greater genetic load to the daughters of their daughters.

This phenomenon is emphasized that only originates in the link female. The resemblance to one or more members of the family line could be, although the grandmother is the one who possibly will transmit to your granddaughter from the appearance, tastes and gestures, until the character or temperament.

Again considering the theory of Jodorowsky, if the genetic skips a generation, seeing in our children particular characteristics of their grandparents, for example as the color of the eyes, the essayist argues that the maternal grandmother has the greatest weight for this to happen, because thanks to this bond are deposited in each embryo, the feminine from which is conceived the baby, the amount of oocytes that followed in the mature age, shall be converted into ova ready for fertilization, what that gives as a result that this chain is stronger among the female gender.

Why this phenomenon is not transmitted to the people?

Despite the law of genetics, is the property of the egg and not the sperm information mitochondrial because the sperm lacks of it, then only it is viable, which is transmitted from grandmothers to mothers, from mothers to daughters, and so, to break that wonderful bond; something that defines him as the most precious heritage that we possess of our origins.

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Do the men transfer their genetic load?

To the theory of Alejandro Jodorowsky, new studies attest to the genetic load that is transferred to the man, while it is not as high, enjoys greater weight and determination, even more in matters that have to do with hereditary diseases are very specific, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, or schizophrenia.

Inherit in your DNA, the emotional experiences of the maternal grandmother

The theory of the above-mentioned writer also notes that the life experiences that had the grandmother when she was pregnant with her daughter, may also be transmitted to their grandchildren; therefore, if the maternal grandmother is involved in a difficult circumstances during the gestation, in addition, if you suffered from depression in pregnancy, can all have an impact on the daughter of his daughter.

Advances in the science of genetics present us with a great event: the moment in which our maternal grandmother gave birth to her daughter and her other daughter, that is when created a biological phenomenon in which transferred important genetic values.

Now sure that I meditate to warn you that your daughter looks a lot like your mom, sharing the great attributes of the character, to oddities unique to their grandmother.

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