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The existence of natal teeth is rare and occurs in approximately 1 of every 3,000 births. Moreover, its presence can be related to certain syndromes medical. The dentist Carmen Ravanal, explains about the topic.

What gum you get these teeth?

This type of teeth is developed on the lower gum, where they will appear after the teeth are central incisors, and have little root structure, as they adhere to the edge of the gum by soft tissue.

Usually are not well-formed, but are firm, which can irritate or injure the baby's tongue when you take your pope.

This lesion or ulcer varies in size according to the degree of eruption of teeth and its appearance is white, hard and sometimes bleeds. Many times, this situation prevents proper feeding of the baby. The treatment is simple, but must be evaluated and performed by a dentist.


There is No known specific cause, nor is associated with a disease-specific.


If it is not removed, must be cleaned with a clean damp cloth gently on the tooth and the gums. In addition it is good to constantly examine the tongue and gums to ensure that they do not have been injured.

When to call the dentist

You should consult with the professional if the baby develops ulcers in the mouth, on the tongue, or other similar symptoms.

The dentist will assess the baby and decide the treatment, sometimes consists only in smoothing out the rough edges of the tooth, in other cases, when there is high mobility, it is preferred to perform the extraction of the piece.

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