cena de año nuevo

Jacqueline Monrroy, registered dietitian, gives some recommendations to commemorate the arrival of a new year by eating healthy and nutritious.

After the visit of Santa Claus, now a main concern of the days to come will be how to celebrate the new year. This implies that on some occasions there is fall in some of the excesses with food to avoid to prevent illness or possible poisoning.

Nutritionist Jacqueline Monrroy, says that: “If you're not accustomed to dinner, the night of December 31 you should prefer to make a light meal, including white meats and vegetables. The ideal is to avoid preparations like fried foods, large volumes or many dishes (input, background, dessert)”.

“You can do a buffet dinner for a person to prepare your dish to your liking and the portions you can tolerate. It is also important to the dinner hours, the idea is that it is not too late in the night,” he adds.

A good menu for the christmas dinner

A good menu includes white meats like fish steamed or baked with no sauces, chicken or turkey without the leather, also the vapor or in the oven, the beef that has little fat (tenderloin, loin smooth) without sauces or dressings. All this can be done with 1 small piece (½ or ¾ cup) rice, couscous, quinoa or boiled potatoes, duchesses in the oven, among others.

Do not miss the salads of green leaves, tomatoes, cherries, celery, avocado, etc, it is recommended to eat them without added mayonnaise, you can garnish with yogurt sauce with chives, for example. For dessert a fruit kebob station giving emphasis to the berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, cherries, murtas, etc

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The most important thing is to celebrate family, to share a light dinner, healthy, not complicate it to the owner of the home, using well-known ingredients, easy to buy and cheap. “The main ingredient is love,” concluded Jacqueline Monrroy.

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