Reasons to not cover the car of your baby while you sleep 

In this article you will find:
  • What happens if you cover the hood of the car?
  • What was the study?
In a bid to protect babies from the sun or the environment, parents are hesitant to use sheets, towels or cloth diapers to cover the hood of the car. Without imagining that this action may put the smaller ones at risk.

What happens if you cover the hood of the car?

When it covers the hood of the car, on the inside it triggers a rise in dramatic temperature, which causes the child to be exposed to certain hazards. According to a study conducted by pediatricians swedes, to cover the car, the only thing we do is to encourage the temperature to increase.
We all know how dangerous that can be for a small the sudden increase of temperature, as the body of a child during the first few days of life is not able to regulate effectively the body temperature against sudden changes in external temperature.

What was the study?

They did an experiment where it was found that in only 30 minutes the inside of the stroller exposed to the sun, and covered, increased from 22 to 34 degrees, and, after another half hour, reaching up to 37 degrees. What you want to say that the interior of the car becomes a greenhouse dangerous for the baby.
It is important that your baby protected from the sun when they are walking, here are some suggestions for your small trip protected and happy:
  • Uses umbrella
Before you cover the baby with a cloth, turn to parasols that are special to cars; in this way you will be protecting your baby from the sun, without preventing the passage of air.
  • Pour a cap of white color
The color white does not absorb the solar rays, and thus, help you avoid insolaciones on the baby's face.
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  • Out after 16 hours
Pediatricians recommend to take a walk to the child when the sun is hiding. In this way the ride will be more comfortable and without insolaciones.
  • Brings water to any ride
It is important that when you go out with the baby to keep hydrated, even though the child will not manifest with crying that you want water, it is advisable to give each a certain time.

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