From the first year, the baby will be in a stage of learning and development of abilities and skills, so I will not be surprise to realize how much he loves to run and jump.

However, lifting both feet off the ground at the same time is very complicated the first few times, and this may frustrate you a little, ayudémoslo a bit and stimulate their movements or motor skills, little by little we will see as he starts to do various activities alone.

What can we do?

  • Let him jump on a bed: we can Also use a kicker or pillows while we hold hands, to give them security.
  • We put cushions on the floor: Let's jump towards them from the couch.
  • We use a bubbling up: This is a ball, big and tough which has a handle to hold it, so that allows you to bounce in it. The idea is that the child feels in this ball touching the ground. This way, you will feel that it is in the air and practice getting up from the ground with the two feet.
  • Combine these activities with someone you like: A way to practice the run and jump is, for example, act of a song that relate to these actions (“the mouse ran”, “the cow jumped”, etc.).
  • Llevémoslo the park: Let's go with our partner and run together with him (it is good that run between their parents, and if they give you a big hug and lifted by the air on each side, you will run faster).
  • Draw a “race track”: With chalk on the ground or a series of squares or circles (like hopscotch) and ask you to jump from one to the other.
  • Write your name on the floor: once you start to learn the lyrics, play it to run around them, following their shape with the feet.
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