The early stimulation is a group of techniques for the development of the abilities of children in early childhood. All those attentions that can provide the baby opportunities for their physical, social, and intellectual are included in this stage of stimulation.

Expert: Study of the Educational Research Center and Health, and Institute of Education Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid.

At 10 months it is more likely that the baby is restless, you can crawl with relative ease, you will have greater mobility and will be very curious, and will walk with help from mom, dad or objects in the house, your posture will be more upright and sit with a lot of ease.

Some already will be able to follow our instructions as: “find your bear”, “Where is mom?”, “Say hello”, you can also tilt and turn skillfully, you'll play for a long time and recognize their things.

What activities to do with the baby at 10 months?

While he is fed:

As what we have discussed other times, the moments in which we or any other person feeds the child can be harnessed to develop their skills and abilities, in addition, to stimulate their intelligence; so that it is very important that we keep calm and we trasmitamos that security to the baby.

  • Gradually the child learns to do things on your own, and that is quite good: take the spoon, drinking a glass of water, take small bits of food to the mouth (even with fingers).
  • It is important to talk to him all the time, call it objects, point out things, tell rules, play with it, and go motivating you more and more each day.

Periods of time between meals:

The child needs to perform some activities that will help develop their intelligence, some may do only if we let her reach the objects or materials needed, and other activities must be done with other people.

The activities that can be done alone, and the materials that we need to stop at your fingertips are:

  • There is on the market the toy to stack or assemble, consists of a pillar on which there is to go sliding rings or hoops of different sizes and colours (there are plastic and wooden).
  • Another exercise that we can take into account during the 10 months of baby is to pass bags, purses and containers that open in different ways (clasps, brooch, button) and place inside it a toy that your child enjoys, subsequently we encourage you to open it alone.
  • It is very important that your child has a safe space where they can move and/or crawl.

Other activities to do

  • Placing an object near the child, but so that you have to change position to get it (standing, crawling, turning).
  • Take your favorite object and coloquémoslo at the tip farthest from a diaper, towel, or sheet, and to encourage the child to pull him to be able to pick it up.
  • Encourage them to stand up, leaning on something or someone.
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