The early stimulation is the set of media, techniques, and activities with a scientific basis and applied in a systematic and sequential which help the baby to have an optimal development and promote their growth, psychomotor the right way.

Expert: Study of the Educational Research Center and Health, and Institute of Education Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid.

During the 9th month the baby consolidates everything you have learned in the previous months, their curiosity and need to know the world around them will progressively increase, so that we must remain vigilant, for that is not at risk.

At this age, already crawling, sitting, maybe try to get up, take up and throw objects with more strength and your energy will be inexhaustible. It is also able to pronounce certain syllables, and will listen with great attention when talking or the sounds outside.

What activities to do with the baby at 9 months?

While he is fed:

We must do what is necessary for the baby to keep quiet,and to do this it is important that we are sitting comfortably at the time of feeding the child, to show nervous or in a hurry, the child will notice it and will be nervous too, will cry out and not be able to eat well.

It is likely that we get angry because they do not eat well and will begin the “battle” of the food, which can be repeated every day.

  • Instead of the “battle”, what the child needs is a moment of quiet to eat and to “communicate” with your mom.
  • If we are calm, the child will be quiet.
  • If the child eats well,we will be able to enjoy conversing with him, although he does not understand, singing to her, smiling at her.
  • In addition we will be able to observe with pride and all the things we have been learning: to drink water from the glass, eat with spoon, repeat sounds, point to things you name, among others.

While you move or bathe:

  • The child will do well if you allow for 3 or 5 minutes naked or with little clothing, with the freedom to move, kick, roll over the bed, sit, lie down, turn around by their own means.
  • It is ideal to place some objects within the tub of the baby; sponges, ducks, balls, and let the child be distracted by them.
  • Just, five minutes in the water will help you to learn many things, without any effort for us, although with a little patience.

Other activities to do

  • Let's make some holes in the lid of a shoe box and place the lid on the box and atémosla, so will be the piggy bank where your child can store their toys.
  • If there are other people in the house, in addition to the mom, it would be good to draw once in a while to walk to the child, including, if possible, every day.
  • The dad, siblings, grandparents, uncles, they can cooperate in the development of the child, cantándoles, making gestures that the child can imitate: clap, raise hands, to twist them to the beat, etc
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