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  • How to stimulate a baby during feeding?
  • How to stimulate a baby while you shower?
  • Other ways to stimulate the baby

The early stimulation is the set of actions which provide the baby the necessary experiences from birth to develop to their fullest potential.

The Educational Research Center, and Health and Institute of Education Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid, explained to us how to stimulate a baby of 11 months.

How to stimulate a baby during feeding?

  • Place bread crumbs on the table and encourage the child to pick them up.
  • Extend a hand and ask the child to give something he has. ”Give me the spoon”. If the child does not, show him how to do it and then say: “Very well, thank you.”
  • Put the plate of food in front of the child, covered with a lid or a paper napkin, and encourage the child to uncover.
  • Wrap the spoon in a piece of paper or a napkin and feed it to the child for him to unwrap.

How to stimulate a baby while you shower?

  • During the bath, we can practice gymnastics with the little one, preferably naked, avoiding, yes, chills and shock. Let him play freely with your body, pedal, kick, roll around, grab the feet, touching the genitals, hitting the stomach, look at the hands, to sit, to crawl, everything your body knows how to do.
  • It is good to learn how are called the parts of the body as they are touched and naming them: “give me your hand, the other hand. Hold your head up. This is the footer”, etc

Other ways to stimulate the baby

  • It is not good for the child to spend only several hours a day, sometimes even forgotten. Put it in some place from where you can witness the activities of any member of the family: the mother preparing the food or making the beds or to the brother studying.
  • Favors and reward all attempts by the child by standing and walking.
  • Let some object that you like out of the reach of your hand. Pass in anything long (stick, wooden spoon, cardboard cylinder) and encourage her to use it to reach the object.
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