In this article you will find:

  • 3 ways to stimulate the child during the meal
  • While you move or bathe
  • Moments dedicated to the baby

Through a study of the Educational Research Center and Health, and Institute of Education Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid, it was determined that: “The purpose of early stimulation is to assist in the process of formation of the structure of the human brain”. Discover how to stimulate a baby of 12 months.

3 ways to stimulate the child during the meal

  • It is important that the child get to know other people, see different faces, follow different voices. So they can help you feed the baby at any time.
  • If you are waiting for cold food or hot soup, you can take the time to let you exercise with the fingers. Take them one by one, starting with the smallest, using a story such as: this finger bought an egg, he put it to boil, he stripped, he threw salt, and this chubby fat I everything, everything I ate!
  • Let it prick soft foods with the fork, but do not let him to play alone with this tool, because it is dangerous.

While you move or bathe

  • Don't forget your little bit of gymnastics, to move freely.
  • Let it play for a little while with some objects in the water, to keep learning many new things.
  • This is a very good time to give love, to smile, to talk to him, besides teaching.
  • Try to have the child cooperate in the tasks of dressing. Talk to her while you do so, telling him: “Lift up your legs. Sit down. Gets here the right-hand side. I put the sock on the right foot, and on the other foot”, etc

Moments dedicated to the baby

  • Do not leave too much time in bed, a park or a chair, because now you need walking exercises.
  • Do everything possible for the child to come every day, even if it is a little bit short, walk to the street.
  • Let him listen to a lot of music for children. It is very important to discover the sounds of things, the instruments, the different tones of voices singing different rhythms (slow, fast) and different volumes.
  • Give the box of toys. Put some wrapped in paper or in cloth to unwrap.
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