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  • Activities to stimulate
  • 7 forms of play that help to stimulate the baby

A Study by the Center of Educational Research and of Health and Institute of Education Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid showed that:The early stimulation seeks to take advantage of the learning ability and adaptability of the brain of the baby.”

Activities to stimulate

During feeding

At 7 months of life the child has already begun his process of ablactación, and is prepared to eat only, because it has sufficient strength to keep the body stable. Three things you can do during feeding:

  • Let her hold with his own hands the bottle.
  • Let her take the dish pieces of food with the hand, and then take it to the mouth (This situation is normal during the first few months).
  • Pass a teaspoon so that you learn to grab it.

While you move or bathe

The contact of the mother with the skin of the child is critical to their emotional development, therefore you should take advantage of the move or the bathroom not only to tidy up, but also to pet him.

  • Then a short massage on each part of your body clean: head, arms, back, neck, legs.
  • Blow-dry gently, without rubbing, letting the cloth absorb the moisture.
  • It is an ideal time to sing.
  • Respond to his babbling, gestures and chirps, repeating what he says or does.

7 forms of play that help to stimulate the baby

  1. In the beginning, to make it easier, you can hide something big under something transparent or fine: a ball underneath a plastic.
  2. You can cover something with a cloth, and to indicate to the child where he is, making it sound or swirling beneath the fabric of the tape.
  3. You can leave the middle of the object looking out.
  4. Grasp the foot, holding it on your plants or, if she flexes her legs, play with him skipping on a flat or hard on your knees when you are sitting or half-lying.
  5. Put it face down, in the position of crawling, doblándole the legs to encourage the exercise of crawling (you can put a pillow or roll under the belly). While in this position, give him toys to try to catch them.
  6. Let them play spontaneously in front of a mirror.
  7. Change it frequently so that you can look at different things.
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