The early stimulation refers to any action that helps to strengthen the emotional skills, cognitive, motor and social of the child. Knows how to stimulate a baby of 8 months.

The Educational Research Center, and Health and Institute of Education Sciences of the Complutense University of Madrid, gives some advice to stimulate the psychomotor development of the child.

How to stimulate during feeding?

After the seventh month of life the child should drink liquid from a cup by itself. If you haven't, you may go learning in the following way:

  • Give your child a plastic cup and colóqueselo in the little hands in the proper way. When you have learned to take it, wrap it in its interior only a few droplets of some liquid that you like.
  • If you do not know to take the glass to the mouth, grab yourself another glass and drink water, trying to get him to imitate you.
  • You can also grab the little hands and help you to take the glass to the mouth. It will increase the amount of liquid as you go learning to hold on to the glass with regularity and not to spill the liquid.
  • Don't forget to reward you with a kiss or a smile every time you learn something new, even if the booster itself will be the liquid that you get and drink. And, at the same time, it will say “very well” when you learn how to take and lift the glass to take your liquid.
  • Name the child the different things that is close to the time of the meal, mostrándoselas: “pear”, “glass”, “egg”, even though he can't repeat yet.

How to stimulate in those free moments?

  • If you can have a while, take her in your arms and show him a magazine or story, him the objects or well-known images: cat, mom, hand. It would be very interesting to be able to go cut all of those photos and paste them on pages of paper or use the photo albums of old that carry sheets of clear plastic, to make a “photo album”. That will love the child.
  • Help her to stand up, leaning on chairs, beds or any furniture.
  • Remove an object with which it is playing and let him or her close to to go to look for it.
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