From the moment the baby is born the parents worry about the skills that you will be acquiring. Facemama gives you to know the necessary conditions to create a good environment, and stimulate the baby.

Parents, more than being concerned to compare the skills of your child with another child, to be used to accompany your baby at this stage of development and learning. For the child to learn with greater ease it is important to propiciarle an atmosphere of love, understanding, support, and stimuli in the first few months.

Creation of a good environment

  • Love the baby: The make your child feel loved helps it to grow, thrive and have a normal development.
  • Live with him: it Is recommended that you take advantage of every opportunity to conversarle, sing to him, and pet him. These moments serve to create educational games and to stimulate their intelligence.
  • Learn to learn: you Must devote sufficient time to be able to know what type of stimulus you prefer, if you use the tips taken out of a book, it may not work with your son. You will learn what most helps you to enhance your skills.
  • Relieve the pressure: it is Not good that the parents feel so much anxiety for the progress of your child. Not being satisfied with their achievements, the baby is going to perceive and affect your confidence.
  • A little bit of freedom: babies require the care of parents, but not to the point that it becomes more dependent. Must have the ability to discover things through their own experiences.
  • Go with the flow: If your child is having fun with a toy, do not change it, let him decide what to choose. With this you will become a child more independent and sure of himself.
  • Offer positive reinforcement: When the child manages to smile or take an object, you have to show him your approval either with a hug, applause, or otherwise. Then try to repeat the action.

While learning through play will be able to develop the senses:

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  1. Taste: as the child grows everything gets in the mouth. Let you so that you can explore, but vigílalo for you not to take objects that harm it.
  2. Smell:The baby has a number of opportunities for the exercise of the appliance olfactory, so that all odors will be a novelty.
  3. View:in Addition to see, learn from what they see, and differentiate different objects, people, and know of gestural communication. Many objects, even toys to stimulate vision, such as mobile phones, soap bubbles, mirrors, the faces of the people, the books, the trips to see her around
  4. Hearing: through hearing children learn the language, the pace, the perils, the emotions, the feelings and everything that happens around you. The sounds come from multiple sources: the human voice, noises home as the vacuum cleaner, the telephone, and the music boxes.
  5. Touch: This sense is very important, the small learn the different textures. You can offer experiences táctiles as the following: a loving hand in a caress, a massage, games of textures passing objects with different textures.

The stimulation can activate:

  • Social development: baby starts to be a social entity, so you must know how to relate to people.
  • Small motor development: at The beginning the baby moving the hands at random, but with the weeks it begins to do so deliberately.
  • Large motor development: To increase the muscular strength of the baby, it is necessary that you have a good diet and exercise.
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