The early stimulation is vital for the development of the baby, even before birth, talking to her, stroking the tummy, or putting on music will make the link parent-baby be strengthened from the womb.

Now, do you know that talk to the baby child stimulates their language? When you try to communicate with babies or with any other small our tone of voice changes, and that, on the contrary of being bad, it benefits speech development of the child.

A study conducted by a group of professors of the University Rutgest-Newark and published in the journal Psychological Review found that those sounds that we exaggerate when we put a child's voice when talking with the children, are the ones that stimulate the development of speech from small and begin to experience the understanding of the language.

Although many have said that the whispers and chants behind the learning of speech in the baby, the reality is quite the opposite, the baby's brain catches on to what we're saying and put it into practice right away, when we highlight the significant sounds, the baby comes to recognize them perfectly, even when the conversation is carried between two adults.

That is to say, the baby's brain manages to “translate” the language in which we communicate with him, a conversation that is common.

Importance of talking to your baby

  • Using the speech stimulation of the baby can establish an affective bond with the parents, and the environment.
  • Through the communication with the baby we can know their needs, behaviors, and observing their responses.
  • This first stage of communication with our small is called “dialogue tonic.”
  • Parents learn how to communicate with the baby through stroking, cuddling, light whispers, breastfeeding and co-sleeping.
  • The baby is soothed by the voices already known.
  • No child has presented alterations in speech by speaking of the way children once in a when.
  • The babbling and expressions can also stimulate the speech and psychomotor development of the baby.
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