The baby's heart is developed from the fifth week of gestation and before this date it is possible that we cannot perceive them, which is totally normal.

Expert: Jaime Martinez, gynecologist Clinic Davila

Is it normal that the first ultrasound won't hear beats?

  • Before the 5 and a half weeks of gestation is still not seen in the embryo, therefore it is normal not to display beats.
  • Contractions of the heart appear to 36 to 37 days of gestation, that is to say, in an embryo of 4 to 5 mm approximately (between 5th and 6ya week of pregnancy).

How does the embryo without that can your heart in the first few weeks?

  • In the early weeks of pregnancy there is not as yet the heart, because it is a fertilized egg that undergoes a process of cell division: as low to the uterus through the fallopian Tubes and finally implanted into the womb, as an egg, or zygote.
  • During this time it is nourished through the placenta through the transfer or diffusion of nutrients, oxygen, and antibodies from the maternal blood to the child.
  • Later in its embryonic state, then the third week, the heart and the circulatory system, which begins to beat at a regular rhythm from week 5.

What is the normal heart rate of an unborn baby?

  • When you get activity before 6 weeks the frequency is relatively low, between 100 and 115 beats per minute.
  • To 8 weeks is between 144 and 170 beats per minute, after 9 weeks of gestational age, reaching a plateau of between 137 and 144 beats per minute.
  • In the second and third quarter, the frequencies vary between 120 and 160 beats per minute.

What can influence the position of the baby in the heart rate of the same?

In general it is recommended not to sleep back because the gravid uterus when it increases in size it compresses the aorta and vena cava that are on the column, and therefore can decrease blood flow to the placenta and the venous return to the mother, causing episodes at times desceleraci├│n of the heart rate.

Recommendations for a good development the baby's heart

Ideally a couple who want a pregnancy should consult a specialist for advice pre-conception, then a proper prenatal care, proper nutrition, intake of vitamins if required and educate with respect to the non-use of drugs.

The doctor will evaluate if there are risk factors that allow for alerting of an increased risk of congenital heart disease according to their background and ask for the ultrasound routine in which there are recommendations of the basic studies of heart that allow you to diagnose a number of cardiac malformations.

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