Los cambios que produce el nacimiento del bebé

When it gives the birth of a child, of the changes that mom passes, are many, diverse, and common in most mothers.

The changes are so many that it is not possible to enumerate them, but in any case they are not a sentence but a challenge, and as such, represent an opportunity to learn, grow and be better people.

The most profound changes

  • The mom discovers a force that has come as a surprise; it comes even to scare her by the intensity.
  • It feels like a leone, prepares to take care of your “puppy”, it is protecting as only a mother fierce and committed to your small, you can do so.
  • Achieved realize that you can overcome all boundaries, even those that never ever imagined.
  • You feel tired and fatigued, but at the same time too able.
  • It grows inside a love so strong, powerful and deep, that at times terrifies and confuses. This love surrounds you completely, but makes you feel wonderful. Wonders if you can love another being as your baby.
  • The love you feel for your child only you can live it again, once that is born of her being a second baby. Know that this love is very different from the experienced to the couple.
  • With some amazement, understands that to love a child is a privilege that must be grateful for every day of his life. Begins to perceive and to appreciate their own dads, as before had not happened. Reflects and admires the work of their parents. For her, it is not possible that your mom has done such or such thing, with the amount of children they had and even without having disposable diapers. Thus manages to grow his understanding and gratitude to them.
  • For the first time, she also understands that sacrifice does not mean suffering, but: holy + craft is equal to: sacred work.
  • Understand the great value of the place that it occupies in the world as a mom, and the work done.
  • It increases your compassion for all children. Is going to mother not only their children, but all children of the world. Not bear to see her suffer a child on tv or in the street.

The changes in everyday life

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  • In your home, your life or your work, there is now a different order: a real mess. Accept it as soon as possible will contribute to your own happiness and your inner peace. You have to give up and enjoy it.
  • Discover the enjoyment and value of the following times:
  1. A hot shower at the end of the day.
  2. A cup of tea with a friend.
  3. A movie at home and a couple.
  4. A night of deep sleep.
  • Clears the dictionary native word “disgust”. Anything that has to do with the care of your child is a work-disgusting.
  • Learn how to manage to perfection the art of improvisation. The child will be able to enjoy fantastic stories and perhaps absurd, but will serve to keep you entertained.

Other important changes

  • Your previous waist is not the same as before.
  • The hours no longer have 60 minutes and the days still have 24 hours. The time now seems to pass to a new rhythm and you will have to get acclimated to. Surely start to arrive late to almost all of its commitments.
  • From now on the moments you have with your partner, it will become scarce and short. How valuable is it that both of you can learn to enjoy them and use them.
  • The mom will learn to do a myriad of things at once.
  • As they grow the children will be leaving alone because it is part of the nature. Therefore, allow them to deal with their small problems, confident that in having given him the tools necessary to go learning how to fix them.
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