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The parents have to participate in both the pregnancy and the childbirth. And along with everything, sometimes there are fears and feelings that they may not want to share with anyone. This, even though other men have not dared to confess it, it is quite natural. Know what are the fears that invade at a future papà.

Fears of future parents

  • Fear of not meeting the needs of

One of the biggest fears that face men, is to think about whether they will be able to achieve, effectively, to protect his new family. But not only that, but also, be able to sustain this economically.

In most families, when it reaches the child first, there is a change in finances. If before you had two salaries for two people, now, it is possible that even one person (the father's) for three.

  • Fear of not being able to be at the time of delivery

It is estimated that more than 80 percent of parents are concerned about not being able to be at the height of the circumstances when his wife is in labor.

During the birth the parents may have a fear of fainting, vomiting or dizziness when you see all these bodily fluids. However, there is something that parents should consider: almost all men experience these fears, but these situations almost never occur. In fact, there are studies that indicate that, for example, only one out of 600 men suffered a fainting during the time of delivery.

  • Fear of becoming a dad

In addition to economic concerns that may surround a parent, the fear of becoming a papà occurs because unconsciously they believe that they may not have created something so wonderful: “This is too big. Be part of the creation of life is something monumental. I may not have been me”.

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  • Fear for the physical well-being of the wife or the baby

Childbirth is an experience that puts to the test the nerves of the future dad. This, because the nerves might make you feel that something will be wrong.

  • Fear of the relationship

The vast majority of the times, men are afraid that your wife loves the son more than anyone in the world, and that exclude him from having an intimate relationship. This is a fear too real to be replaced.

  • Fear of medical examinations

The men don't know much about the reproductive system of a woman; it is something complex that happens “down there.” And that's why, when confronted with this the first time, they feel overwhelmed.


  • To the dads-to-be will help you much to be informed about the process of motherhood.
  • It is good, to participate in the decisions of the couple about the type of care you want and need for herself and for the child.
  • It would be positive for the couple of dads-to-be, to carry out a real birth plan.

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