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  • Three ways to contribute to the intellectual development of the child
  • How to stimulate the intelligence: tips

The family circle and the attitude of the parents with their children, are critical to the continuing evolution of a child, especially in the area of intellectual and school performance. Knows how to stimulate the intelligence of a child step by step.

Three ways to contribute to the intellectual development of the child

  • The habits of healthy living (Spaces of reading exercises that go with the age of the child).
  • Eating a proper diet.
  • The necessary hours of rest are the best guarantee for obtaining good academic results.

How to stimulate the intelligence: tips

  • Parents should be attentive to the interests and curiosities of the child.
  • Taking into account the interests of the child, you can achieve a stimulation spontaneous, that is to say without being forced.
  • Some specialists ensure that children who grow up in an environment where it takes place the habit of reading can have a higher iq.
  • If you notice that your toddler shows no interest in the activities of daily living that will be better, then you need to start to make things positive and stimulating for the child I opted for imitating you.
  • The parents should be careful not to try to force the childrento adopt the same tastes as them.
  • Sports, music, board games, crossword puzzles and word games are perfect for your baby to develop a good iq, because each of these games require attention, concentration, and discipline, in addition to stimulate the mental development.
  • Try to read each night with your child. You can prepare some place of the house only for reading.
  • It is important that babies consume foods beneficial (fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats, dairy, eggs, legumes, whole grains).
  • Dads should know what is the way in which your child gathers more information, that is to say, if the child is visual or auditory.
  • There is an incentive for each month and year of life, make sure to follow the prudent steps.
  • Purchase games that go with the age of the child.
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