The height of the child, is one of the many things (size and weight) that they are concerned parents, therefore, constantly monitor the child's progress. But what height is linked only to the good food, or are there other influencing factors?

Some experts believe a myth that the height of children is derived only from the good food, and even though good food helps a child to develop healthily, there are other elements that contribute to the size.

What factors influence the height

  • Hereditary factors

This is one of the elements appointed by the pediatricians, because the genetics has a direct influence on the height of the small. So if the family of your child are high so most likely he is.

  • Take a healthy diet

A good diet can influence the good stature of the baby, because the food act as a complement to the height obtained by means of genetics or other factors. It is vital that small eat well, and when we speak of eating well, we mean to eat healthy with all the vitamins and proteins that your body needs.

In places of low economic resources, such as Africa, the children usually do not eat properly and your body does not receive the necessary nutrients, this brings as a consequence that your body does not develop properly.

  • Gender

Usually the females usually measure a little less than the children (One or two inches less).

  • Sleep the necessary hours

When children sleep the necessary hours, the growth hormone or GH or growth hormone can carry out its function, since this hormone has a greater activity at night.

  • Basketball

The basketball might help significantly in the height of the child. Physical activity stimulates the production of bone cells that help form healthy bones and strong.

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