Although the theories popular tell us that it is necessary to teach the baby to sit and while faster, better, specialists suggest that all should be given their time, taking into account that each child is unique and advance their stages is not good for him.

The ideal is to avoid forcing the child's development in any of its aspects (motoric, cognitive, emotional, and everything that has to do with its learning), each child has a rhythm of its own and medication there is not a calendar requiring or forcing the child to comply with certain patterns to exactly one age.

Do we need to lay the baby at an early age?

It is not necessary to put the baby before your muscles are ready for it, and by itself it achieves taking this position, this occurs around seven to ten months, and although it may seem strange, it is normal to go to the couple with the crawling and even better if you take this position after.

Is it a mistake to want to lay it up before the time?

  • We have been told many times through the years that the sooner you learn to sit, they will develop their muscles, but the opposite is true.
  • Every time we try to sit down at the baby, before he do it alone, we remove the opportunity to develop the muscles you need to sit down.
  • Although we must lay the baby in the car or a car seat, outside of that, it is important to let the stimuli to do the job of teaching the baby to sit.
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What to do to stimulate the motor development of the child?

  • Keep it up with comfortable clothing to perform the activities.
  • Have a space in the home where you can move freely.
  • Place a blanket, rug or towel on the floor and around lay the favorite toys of the baby.
  • Massaging your piesitos it is a good choice for your early learning.

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