Although infections due to fungi (mycoses), can manifest themselves throughout the year, the summer season recorded an increase of cases due to greater humidity, sweating and the use of synthetic fabrics, factors that favor its appearance. Let us seek a good prevention, as the treatment for yeast during pregnancy is more extensive.

Expert: Francisco Urbina, a dermatologist Clinic Avansalud

  • There are different types of mycosis that affect the skin or the nail, " explains Dr. Francisco Urbina, the most common is the so-called “athlete's foot”, which most often occurs in athletes exposed to excessive sweating and/or the use of sports shoes that contain rubber in the plants.

“Is characterized by maceration, desquamation, itching, and formation of fissures in the spaces between the toes and may even extend up to the plants”, explains Dr. Urbina. “The fungal infection can also appear in other moist areas or folds, such as the groin or, less frequently, in the armpits,”he adds.

  • Another type of fungi is onychomycosis (fungal infection of the nail), that causes changes in the coloration of the fingernail with shades that vary from whitish to yellowish or brown, accompanied by desquamation as dust.
  • In addition, during the days of heat can appear fungi in obese people with folds of redundant. In addition to this group, pregnant women that have gained a lot of weight may also be affected, especially in the regions under the breasts and in the crease inter-gluteal.

“The so-called intertrigo candidi├ísico, an infection caused candida, is characterized by a maceration of a bright red colour -as braising - accompanied of itching,”says Dr. Urbina.

Mushrooms during pregnancy How to treat or prevent them?

Dr. Urbina delivers the following tips that we can follow in these days where temperatures exceed easily 30 degrees:

  1. Dry carefully after bathing the areas with folds such as armpits, groin, and spaces between each finger of the feet.
  2. Avoid the use of footwear that contains rubber in the plant. It is much cheaper to buy three pairs of good shoes, of leather and outsole below (not rubber), the treatment of a fungal infection of the nails of the feet.
  3. If we have mushrooms, we must go to a specialist to get proper treatment. In the athlete's foot can suffice with a topical treatment on the basis of a cream, but a fungal infection of a nail, the treatment of choice is oral and can be extended for at least three months.
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