Once we will have found with women who have had only boys or girls, even when they desired to have the balance. And the truth is that there is nothing we can do to determine the sex of the baby: diet, posture, the moon, myths and legends, the last word will dictate the sperm faster, because the chromosome that carries the that it achieves fertilize the egg will determine the sex of the new member of the family.

Why is it that in some families it prevails a single sex?

Over time, studies have shown that there are some cases where families are carrying “lethal syndromes for a particular sex”; in general, preference for the male sex, and this may or may not be transmitted between other members of the family. In these exceptional cases, the embryo is affected and does not survive, so that reduces the chances of having children of that sex.

Other research has related the fact of only having girls or children with abnormalities of the sperm, as they have concluded that these can influence “at the expense of the sperm with X-chromosome and vice versa.” That is to say, some couples have only boys or girls.

However, until now did not exist basement scientist that would support these theories, so that the random still has the last word; that is to say, the sperm that succeeds in fertilizing first.

How genetics influences at the time of having a baby of a particular sex?

  • The sex of the baby is determined at the moment of conception.
  • When is a girl the pair of chromosomes are identical; XX. When we speak of the male half of the sperm carry X and half Y.
  • If the sperm carries the y chromosome, is activated immediately the process by which to begin the development of the testes.
  • Some studies point to the possibility of having a baby with the sex you want (power, position, day of conception, age...), however, there is no scientific basis that proves that.
  • Experts say that genetics does not influence on the sex of the baby.
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