Actividades para bebés de 1 mes

During their first days of life and you'll notice that nearly is not awake, he spends most of the day asleep, his main need at this moment is a breathing rhythm constant and regular, you also must know and handle the sneezing, the cough, the yawn, and above all the crying.

The senses of the baby and his reflexes are already prepared to receive and process stimuli and background information of the environment, which will be developed gradually, to do this we'll give you some ideas about activities for babies of 1 month that we can make, with the goal of developing the full potential cognitive, physical, emotional, and social our little.

Activities for babies from 1 month

Motor stimulation

Strengthen the muscles:

  • When the baby is sitting, lying down or risen up in arms, move it from side to side, holding it as not from the head but in the back and chest with your hands.
  • He drinks, you should keep your head upright.
  • You can also bed face-down and stroke her bottom and the back to try to lift the head.
  • It is important to remember that these activities must be done in a subtle manner and without pressing on the baby.

Strengthen the muscles of the body:

  • Holding the naked baby, then turn to one side, then to the other.
  • You can also rotate it in a circle.
  • Tried other positions like to put it back, face up, in front of, semisentado.

Strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs:

  • Lying down the baby, flexes first and then gently stretch the arms from side to side and over your head.
  • In the same position, come up to make contact with your feet to encourage kicking.
  • He moves his legs making a bike, it also stimulates your digestion.

Strengthen the muscles of the back and chest:

  • Put the baby lying on his right side, slide your hands under her body and holding it by the neck and legs, levántalos several centimeters.
  • Repeat the exercise on the left side.
  • You can also put baby to bed face up, take your hands to the center of your body against your chest and gently gírarlo from side to side.
  • Lift it up to the sitting position and re-download.

The grasp reflex with the hands

  • Let that grip your fingers and move your body in various directions.
  • Put several toys at your fingertips, allowing you the grip and the release.

General Tips

  • Place baby tummy propped up on his belly, to try to lift his head and move it from one side to the other.
  • While you're moving, leave him with his legs free, to try to kick the air.
  • Help your baby change position.
  • Put it back and take it gently in your arms, so try to hold your head.
  • Pass small objects (rattles), to hold in your hands.
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