The baby with 2 months you start to see some noise and are also the first sounds, what fills us with great enthusiasm. Your head will be more upright and your skills and reflexes goes on increasing with the days.

However, we must not only leave to our children by instinct, it is necessary to motivate their development and to do this, we leave some suggestions on activities for baby of 2 months that will help the child to be seen globally by incorporating the whole family.

Activities for babies from 2 months

Motor stimulation

Strengthen muscles of the legs:

  • Try placing your baby face down on a large cylinder (it is recommended that enrolles a towel or blanket), hold it by the thighs and do it to roll it up enough so that your hands touch the floor in front of him.
  • Pushes slightly the soles of your feet to crawl forward and backward two times. Your body will pull on the towel to the floor.

Strengthen the muscles of the back:

  • When the baby is upside down (hopefully naked) supports your hand to the height of the waist and with the other pushes the chin upwards.
  • In this way, the baby raises the head and working back. In this position, leads a and another leg until the feet touch the buttocks.

Strengthen the muscles of arms and hands:

  • Placed in the hands of the baby a few hoops or a bar gymnastics to try to grab hold of it. Once it has been seized, please help to move from one side to the other.
  • In this same position, help to hold it while halas until it is half sitting. If you do not control either his head or not grab well, ├ílzalo only five centimeters.
  • When the baby hold a toy in and out of the hand, help him to try to take it. When the child's back lift it gently held him by the forearms and carrying it to the sitting position, in a way that keeps the head upright.

Stimulation cognitive

  1. Stimulate the plantar reflex: place your finger on the sole of the foot of the baby to stretch and close fingers to shrink.
  2. To stimulate the reflection of pressure: Opens the hands of the drink and placed the finger on the palm for he baby to latch. You try to remove it several times.
  3. Stimulate the reflex sucking movements: Placed in the commissure of the lips of the baby your clean fingers to try to take them with the mouth.
  4. Stimulate the ability to recognize and differentiate between individuals: In each of its activities (food, toilet, etc,) say in a loud voice: “I am your mom”,” he is your dad”, ” you're the baby.”
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