The adoption should not be seen as something negative or of solidarity, this is an act of love in the face of another being, in addition to the performance of the couple as parents and family. So it is not recommended to hide it, neither the child and nor do the people surrounding the family environment, because there is no reason to do so.

There are many couples who opt for adoption in order to integrate another member to the family, the reasons that lead to the adoption ranging from fertility problems, to accept a being that needs or simply because the family had to take care of a baby.

What is important, is that the child from the beginning you will explain that it is adopted, and that there is nothing wrong, because it receives the same love and care as a biological child.

Being adopted is nothing wrong

  • They must never hide because if they find out when they are large, they can cause emotional damage that will cause problems of a psychological level.
  • It must be said from the outset, things as they are, the child will grow with it, accept it and integrate it as an important part of the family.
  • When the child grows up with the truth, it will be an everyday thing for him, and not a traumatic event that costs exceed.
  • Obviously, there are different ways to explain to the child that is adopted, according to their age, but always give a hint at the beginning is good.
  • As the child grows up and understands what he's talking about and he says, you can be more clear and objective.

What should be done by the parents?

  • Tell the child the fact of adoption as a positive act.
  • Explain to them that you love them and that they are happy to be part of the family.
  • If the child learns by third parties, intentionally or accidentally, on its adoption, it is safer to feel anger and distrust, because you have not been told the truth from the beginning.
  • It is very natural for children to want to ask many questions regarding their origin, their dads biological and why they were given up for adoption.

It is advised to the parents that they explain by a video or a book that explains what is adoption, there are many ways that are created by experts to do it. If the baby is already adopted has a sibling, it is important to tell the brethren what happens to that no one is hiding things and feel bad about it.

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Some of the reactions that you can have the child to learn

As all children are different, their reactions will be, too, almost always depends on your way of being and their emotions. Within the reactions, you can enter in denial, and if this is the case, never the dads adoptive should retract.

  • Almost all children think that they were given up for adoption because he has something wrong or behaved badly with their real dads.
  • All children as they enter puberty seek their own identity, and how they relate to others, if it is adopted, it will revolutionise your relationship with your family.
  • As you grow small, you will feel desire to know about their dads biological. If this happens, the parents should not be alarmed, it is something natural, and does not mean that the child will stop loving you for it.

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