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  • Possible causes of autism
  • How to detect autism?
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The problems of physical and mental development are one of the greatest fears of parents, especially first-timers. Know the possible causes of autism.

The causes of autism are unknown, may be genetic but for different investigations it is known that there are several factors that may influence its onset between the weight at birth.

Specialists claim that, babies with low birth weight are five times more likely to develop autism than the children who are born with a normal weight.

Possible causes of autism

  • Environmental factors prenatal: everything that happens before birth can influence the onset of this disorder.
  • Factors perinatal: everything related to the mother during pregnancy can affect the baby.

In both cases, a good power on the part of the mother, it will help to reverse this situation.

How to detect autism?

  • Autism includes a range of developmental disorders that affect the brain.
  • Appears during the first 2 Or 3 years of a child's life.
  • The autism prevents normal development of the communications of the small.
  • An autistic child can spend a lot of time isolated and have difficulties to speak and to express themselves.
  • Autism is a condition that sometimes is not easy to detect.

Recommendations for parents

  • If you look at behaviours strange in your baby it is essential that you consult with your doctor.
  • It is important that each some time to review the milestones of development. It is also good to platicarlos with the child's pediatrician.
  • Autism is a disorder that can produce symptoms severe or mild, for this reason, we encourage parents to carefully observe their children on a daily basis.
  • An early observation you can correct many things in the child. It is true that autism has no cure, but therapies can improve some conditions.
  • As there are studies that associate autism with low birth weight, it is vital that the mother takes adequate nutrition during the gestation process.
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