The baby shower bible is a sort of liturgical celebration that seeks to bless all objects of the baby and get the blessing of God for his life.

It is a ceremony to welcome the baby. the emphasis is at the moment of conception, where the child life begins, then gives the formal welcome to the christian community, highlighting its 3 features:
  • fraternity
  • eucharistic
  • baptism


To begin the celebration you ask for inplace for the baby that comes in his way, by his welfare and prosperity in life, understanding the sacredness of this.

Also, it asks for the blessing, so that the parents can provide the care and love necessary to his new son, and commends you for your future effort.

Readings of the Bible

  1. 2 Corinthians 9: 6-11. It is about giving to others with joy and not out of obligation; bearing in mind also, that it is God who provides all things. Therefore, when we love we imitate him, and in consequence we are better parents.
  2. Encyclical Humanae Vitae 2: 9. It addresses marital love and how it should be. In particular, it emphasizes the importance of expressing it, and paid constant attention to each other.
  3. Gospel according to St. John 3: 1-11. Speaking of being born of water and of the spirit; it is here where it is based, the importance of baptism (an important reason to perform since they are small)

Delivery of gifts

Finally, the ceremony concludes with the delivery of gifts on the part of the friends to the parents. Before you exchange them she proceeds to give a prayer of thanks and then gives a special meaning to each present, relating to the function that will be fathers in the faith of the son on the way, starting with the blanket and ending with the bib.

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Also he prays for the child to grow in age, in wisdom, in grace of God and then it is given to the mother the letter of the guardian angel of your baby.

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