The bug is an animal as cute as endearing that it is a great theme for decorating a baby shower.

You can make the celebration environment to their classic colors red and black, if the baby is a boy or, opt for a combination of brown and pink if it is a girl.

An original idea is to leave a card at the entrance with a set of markers and ask guests to leave written some tips for dads-to-be. It will be a good memory as a guide. In the same way, if the baby shower is ask for money, can be put in envelopes so that each one go leaving the amount in cash. In the same place, you can leave a few ties with antenitas for those who like to contribute with a touch of humor to the party.

When not all guests know the best is to have tags with the name of each one. To decorate them you can use the same sweety. Have the name of each avoid awkward moments and also give you the opportunity to have conversations and games more fluidly.

A good gift idea for the guests is to have a table of sweets, preferably in the tones and colors chosen for the decoration and let each one prepare his special combination that will take home in a jar of glass.

The stones can be printed and cut in different sizes to decorate the whole place, from the tables to the lamps. You can also make a center table with eva rubber red and black to represent the animal in a very simple way.

Another item may be shoes for children in the same colors that serve to complete the atmosphere and also have a practical side, because if you buy them in different sizes, will be very useful to the family of the newborn.

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The food

In terms of the food, the combinations of salty with sweet, such as crackers, salad, cold pasta, fruit, plates of cheese and chicken sandwich always give good results.

For the dessert bar you can have cookies decorated with points in the form of stones, some quequitos red with spots of black, and of course a cake that bore the drawing center this animal. For drinks, nothing better than a little ice tea or lemonade.

A table of sweets, preferably in the tones and colors chosen for the decoration, will allow each one of the guests is served according to your taste and will decorate the place with colorful tones.

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