The birth of a new being, inside of a home well-formed, it is one of the things that we should cause more pride and satisfaction, because with his arrival, renewed the commitment of love and companionship to strengthen the parents.

This little person that we hope should be well-received and one of the most attractive ways of doing this is through the baby shower.

This tradition could be considered the first event in the new be, because it means a series of preparations and ideas that, while not the presence directly felt in the inside of mom and years after, the display using the photos.

You can use the balloons not only as an idea to decorate, but also as a keepsake; give a detail to some of the guests will remember the occasion and are sure to put you in a special place of home.


The decoration of your baby shower is one of the main things of your celebration, therefore, if you want that excels over others, and you should strive to be original.

On the other hand, it is important that your guests are immersed in the subject matter or the concept that you want to give, so that everything will go according to plan.

In regards to which to choose, there are different themes that you can take into account:

  • The sex of the baby
  • Their origins or descent.
  • The place where they will have the feast (field, beach, city, etc)
  • Based on a movie or cartoon, of fashion.

The balloons

An original option, attractive and easy to decorate your baby shower are balloons.

You can use a classic embellishment, such as a large balloon containing smaller balloons and a stuffed toy according to the colors of our decor. As a base we can put a balloon that is long and thin, to which we give the shape of a circle. We finished the decoration with a cute white ribbon of fabric and a bow of ribbon of water.

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You can make the same model but in yellow color that is color neutral and can be used in the event that we do not know the sex of the baby.

Other arrangement is similar to a hot-air balloon. Is made of a net of threads of silk that goes over a large balloon of helium. At the bottom you can put the smaller balloons. This ornament is perfect for putting it on the table of memories.

And if you do not want to use the classic helium balloons, we have the option of placing paper balls that resemble a honeycomb. They are very practical, there are in several colors and are reusable.

The practicality of balloons in the decor to help you achieve the ambience desired is easy and pleasant.

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