The basic principles of the stimulation of a child to depart from their own physiological needs and the laws of the development of every human being. The environment where the baby has the greatest impact on your brain during the period of the “boot” of the brain growth. There is a close reciprocity between the brain development of the child and its environment.

The stimulation or testing during this stage is critical for the maturation of the brain and this in turn is necessary for the baby to process new stimuli and experiences. Using this period of the first year of life, that is the moment in which the child's brain grows more quickly.

While more proper stimulation during this period the greater will be the development of the brain. The greater the development of the brain, the greater will be the stimulation to be processed.

The infant stimulation has a more profound effect on the development of the brain if you will provide during the period of “boot”, which are the months before birth and the first year of life. The stimulation is not to accelerate a process, but to take advantage of all the potential child from birth.

The interaction is more valuable than the observation

  • Babies learn more from the interaction of the observation. He little learns from the interaction with the people and the movements, rather than only of the observation.
  • The best way for the baby to learn is when you boost and play with him. Not simply stops there in their crib or in a playpen with his toys, a good example is the importance of turning it on when sitting or lying down, to not always be looking at the same point.
  • The child is not a passive entity receiver of the actions of the adults. He is active in their development and learn through their own experiences.
  • To educate means to enable you to perform certain activities by means of which he can learn how to fix problems.
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