A baby shower is a meeting especially held for the couple for the first time will be dads.

All the friends and family visit the couple with gifts for the future baby and it is a meeting of great joy. To give back to the affection of our loved ones, the parents can giving them a sweet and good memories: biscuits and chocolates.

Both the cookies as the chocolate I remember must have forms of baby garments, such as bibs, bottles, baby shoes, rattles, pacifiers, etc and you could even be storks, diapers, among other options that you may occur. The creativity and variety is wide.

If you are crackers, it is best to make them at home and devote some time to the decoration of each one. In addition, if it is a girl, you can decorate them with pink shades and white, or the feminine color that you prefer. In the case of a child, you just need to multiple the color of the sweet to use. Once ready, and drying, proceed to wrap it in cellophane and close with a ribbon bow of ribbon of water.

Recipe of chocolate chip cookies


  • 250 flour prepared
  • ½ Teaspoon of yeast
  • 150gr of butter or margarine
  • 125gr caster sugar
  • egg
  • 1cucharadita of vanilla essence.


  • Mix the flour with the yeast; then, cut the butter into cubes and with a fork, intégrala with the flour.
  • Once ready, add the egg, sugar powder and vanilla essence.
  • When everything is ready, make a small ball, cover it with aluminum foil and refrigerate for an hour.
  • Then, stretch and cut out the figures with molds. Hornéalo for 10 minutes until they are compact.
  • Once cold, decorate them with cookie dough. This the you get by beating the egg whites stiff; then add powdered sugar (250 g) in the form of rain to remove the air in preparation.
  • After you add a few drops of lemon; and finally, add a few drops of food coloring pastry according to the need.

In regard to chocolates, you can send them to prepare in the sticks, pops or in small pieces. Like the biscuits, wrap yourself up in cellophane and ribbon of water. Finally, you can attach a little note of appreciation with the date of the meeting and the name of the baby.

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