Each day we know more benefits of breastfeeding, and increasingly more women are opting to breastfeed their children exclusively, and if there is no complication to prevent it.

Governments have also wanted to help parents in this beautiful facet so that in many countries it has been extended for 6 months postnatal, to extend the period of lactation average moms.

In many cases, breastfeeding can be seen as a stage of high dependency, demands and sometimes even pain for women, but, above all that, is the link that is established with the baby, the love, and the benefits that we provide to our little ones through the same.

The age of breastfeeding

Although there are many criticisms about the fact of breastfeeding a baby, there is no prohibition that we limit feed our children, there is no need to hide behind the door of a bath, or go up to the room when we visit at home.

Feed the baby is a physiological need which we should not feel shame, in addition, at present, the market offers a variety of designs in garments that facilitate breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding in public

  • Feel safe: regardless of the looks or comments, it is not a crime to feed the baby; however, breastfeeding in public is still a very controversial subject, so if it is time to give lechita a baby, looking for a safe place, sit down, and comfortably feeds the small.
  • Don't hide: The place that you choose needs to be comfortable, to facilitate the feeding and digestion of the baby.
  • The baby's well-being is the first thing: even Though many do not share the idea of breastfeeding in public, the most important thing is to keep in mind that the baby's health is above anything.
  • It is a natural process: we Draw out of our head that we are doing something offensive, it is not. Even, the Spanish Association of Pediatrics “supports the free-feeding for the mother in any of the environments in which it unfolds daily.”
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable and flexible that do not hinder breastfeeding.
  • Be calm: we Already know that we broadcast our emotions to the baby, so before breastfeeding in public or not, stay calm and feel secure of what you're doing.
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