These lesions of violet color, brown or greenish, are generally produced by blows and tend to disappear spontaneously. But if they are present on parts of the body not exposed to trauma or without apparent cause, could be symptoms of some diseases, The expert: Armando Peña, director of haematology of the Clinical City of the Sea speaks more about the topic.

It is not pleasant to see nor touch the lesions known as bruising, or ecchymosis produced by the accumulation of blood under the skin, due to the traumatic rupture of the capillary surface.

Begin to be of violet color, and with the passing of days changes to brown, greenish and finally yellowish, up to disappear according to the changes suffered by the red blood cells out of capillaries damaged.

The most frequent causes are:

  • Shock caused by falls and sporting injuries
  • Occur more frequently in people of white skin
  • Tend not to have major complications
  • When ecchymoses are too large for the intensity of the trauma received, are presented in the form of frequent or in a spontaneous manner may be signs of some other disease or abnormality.

So explains Dr. Armando Peña, director of haematology of the Clinical City of the Sea, who adds that it also warrants the consultation of a specialist the appearance of bruises in places where it is usual for there to be impacts, for example, in the abdomen, chest, and back.

“It is also worrying that are accompanied by other evidences of disease of coagulation, as is the bleeding abnormal the gums when brushing your teeth, epistaxis repeated (bleeding from nose); and especially the appearance of a purple, that is, multiple red lesions and pinpoint located preferably in the lower extremities”.

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The specialist stated that when it is observed that a person has the tendency to get bruises for no apparent reason, you should perform a general exam to see if there is a disease. An example are the pathologies that produce failures in the mechanisms of clotting (for example, at the level of platelets) and in the blood vessels.

Among them we can mention, from the deficit of:

  • Vitamin K
  • Vasculitis
  • Hemorrhagic fevers
  • Among others.

It is also advisable to review the medicines you're consuming and ask for clotting studies and platelet counts, among others.

This, to rule out these pathologies, for there are people whose blood vessels are more prone to rupture with minor trauma. “While we must be attentive to the signs that are abnormal, do not forget that bruises are also very common in childhood, since children are constantly exposed to activities that tend to lead to bruising, such as run, play and ride a bike,” concluded the professional.

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