Celebrate the Baby Shower of a baby is an occasion for sharing among family and friends the arrival of the baby, and a lovely way to make that this feast is in memory of the guests, it is that everyone takes a present at the end of the meeting.

Then, many moms choose to buy or make souvenirs for the baby shower, and so deliver them to their relatives and nearby. In addition, they are given as thank-you to the guests for having attended the celebration on the occasion of the upcoming birth of the baby.

A fantastic feature of memories is that we have many options already exist in the market different types and designs, which are tailored to our taste or that we can adapt according to the theme of the occasion: candles, soaps, toys, cards, ornaments, etc

Models of memories for baby shower most common

  • Chocolate: But we don't want to give away any chocolate, but something special. For example, we can send out to make wrappers with the name of the mom or the baby that is coming, or words of appreciation, along with the date of the party.
  • Chocolate coins: These are readily available in different colours and deliver them in a cute little box, bag of organza or cellophane.
  • Chewing gum are also a good idea: In some specialty stores can be found in different designs, shapes and vivid colors. Add cellophane or a small box with a cute little card and you will have a delicate present. If you do not like chewing gum, we can give the gift of almond color.

Among other options you can choose from:

  • Sugar cubes of different colors and original shapes such as hearts or stars, which sometimes come in a wrapper that looks like a test tube.
  • You can also give sweetness to your memories by giving away little bottles of honey with a custom label for the event.
  • There are cravings to that no one can resist: candy, these are in various forms appropriate to our event, such as pacifiers, nipples or argollitas toy.
  • You can also give away cookies of the fortune, where the message inside will be good wishes for the baby and family.
  • Another good option is a sachet of organza in the shape of a cone, which in its interior contains almonds, decorated with a few ribbons of water, accompanied by a smiley face.
  • And what about a nice key chain pink? The special of the keychain is that it has the shape of a bottle, a fun way to accompany your keys. This memory comes in a delicate little box along with a white tie. A very comfortable way to deliver it.
  • Memories of candles are inevitable in any type of event. We propose a vaquita, which will delight all guests and will be a cute gift to give as a keepsake at your baby shower.
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