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Cakes decorative diapers have become an indispensable element of any party of baby shower, for being spectacular and easy to make. In addition, you will not need to invest much time or money. Know the steps to make your own cake.

tortas de pañales baby showerDiaper cake for baby shower

Are a veritable cakes made out of diapers that are stacked to give it the shape of cake, one, two or even three floors. This is an excellent idea for giving to parents in the future. They can even give it among several of them, because the ideal is that you contain the greatest amount of diapers as possible.

How is it done?

  • Purchase the diapers of the brand that you prefer, rubber bands and some pretty ribbons to decorate.
  • The idea is to roll the diapers and put them next to each other to give a circular shape.
  • Are tied between them with a tape or a fabric. Once finished the base you can do the same oak and make as many floors as you want to.
  • We can increase the gifts, placing accessories such as products, baby bottles, or toys.

Cake for girl

If the unborn baby is a little girl, making sure that the decorations that you use, such as tapes and fabrics are of colors and textures, feminine and delicate. Use the pink, red, lilac and válete designs of polka dots that are so cute.

Cake for child

If the cake is for a child the elements should be more boys like toys of cars, or jars. Use colors like blue, green, or yellow that can be combined to illuminate any environment.

If in addition to making the diaper cake you want to plan where will be the party then we suggest you:

First you need to take into account the sites that loves the future mother would You like to go to the park?, would you like to be more in house or worship a specific site?

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  • If you decide to surprise her with her favorite place: what you have to do is call ahead and inform the number of guests, and you'll be ready.
  • At home: if you want to surprise her in the home, it is important that you take care of everything before and after to celebrate.
  • If the mother you want a specific site: walks to a spa or in the gardens if the weather permits, are popular places for the Baby Shower.

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