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  • Encourage the baby from the 45 days
  • Encourage the baby for the first 3 to 6 months

To stimulate early to newborns, especially in your stage more critical as it is the first 12 months of life, is essential.

In these early times develop their personality and stimulate their senses thus at this stage we should take advantage of the periods sensitive through the so-called early stimulation, which is the set of motor activities, sensory and cognitive skills aimed at improving their integral development, based on and respecting the characteristics of the baby.

In today's world the competition is very high, the technological advances drive us to be efficient and accurate in our work, therefore, either as parents or teachers we have the responsibility to exploit all the good that the children can provide, there is need to know exercises and updated techniques to achieve this end.

Encourage the baby from the 45 days

The exercises recommended to be done from 45 days to 3 months of life are the following:

  • Lie the baby face down and acaríciale the back to straighten the head and trunk.
  • Place him face-up, offer your thumbs to grip, hold it firmly and lift it a little.
  • Lie the baby face up and causes return of head to one side rozándole cheek with his hand.
  • Rubs his lips with a soft bristle brush to move the mouth. Pásaselo also by the feet.
  • Lift the baby's legs together and extended, and devuélvelas to its initial position. Alternating the movement with each leg.
  • Lie baby on back and hang from the crib dolls, balls, rattles, to stare into them when you want.
  • When it is face-up shake toys that make noise around to follow the sound. Lets take if you try.
  • Lies face down the baby and put a toy rozándole the tip of the fingers to try to grab him.
  • When babble or make sounds, smile and talk.
  • Grab the baby and sing to him doing mimicry for you to look at the face.

Encourage the baby for the first 3 to 6 months

We recommend the following activities during this stage:

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  • When you are face up, moves the baby's arms, extended or bent, from top to bottom and side to side. Do the same with the legs.
  • Performs a trumpet on the belly of the baby to tense and destense.
  • Lie the baby on her back and called her attention with toys, eye-catching or telling. Do the same from lying face down.
  • Lie the baby face down and give the toys a bit removed to try to reach them. Please help pushing her a little foot.
  • Grab the baby's hands and make it give palms while you sing to him.
  • Place him face up, dóblale one leg while extending the other, impúlsalo to turn towards the side of the extended leg. Do the same to the other side.
  • With the baby lying on his back, catching it with forearms and slowly feel it while you say “up”. Watch that your head does not go backward.
  • Takes the baby by the armpits, lift it to the height of the face and she plays with it by moving it in the air and talking.
  • Caress all over the body with a pen, brush, or cotton.
  • With the baby face down, put your hand on your stomach and upload it and pull it gently. Gradually increases the height.

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