Expertos en estimulaci├│n temprana

The terminology of early stimulation has been used in a systematic way from 1961 and the first programs began in England.

In Jamaica, a medical pathologist, Molly Thorburn, and in 1975 he began to conduct a project of early stimulation for children will be diminished under the age of 6 years, training and supervising the mothers, through community workers, in a system of teaching at home, finding positive results in terms of the progress of the children.

In Mexico, Myriam Reconco, to obtain his master's degree in educational psychology, I work in a room of infants in a nursery, providing a systematic attention in terms of stimulation. The children with whom she worked were between 40 days and 15 months of age and came from families of low social and economic status. The results of the study indicate an increase in the areas of social, psychomotor, language, and audio-visual, children.

Gustavo Vega initiated a program of early stimulation in the rehabilitation department of the university hospital, children's Mercy, children under the age of 18 months with suspected Central Nervous System injury, carried out by a multidisciplinary team, finding favorable results.

Dr. Susan Lugington Hoee, is interested in how and when infants respond to their world. Began during his studies of specialization in Maternal and Child Health, when she was head nurse at the Medical Center of San Francisco, University of California in 1972, the desire to find answers to those questions that you did, what led you to specialize in the development of the child, and be a professor of Maternal and Child Health, and has taught maternity and nursing neurological and child development.

In all these experiences you can observe, an awareness of the importance of early stimulation in the evolutionary development, and efforts have been made to prevent and reduce the negative effects that hunger and poverty often cause in children, even from before birth, through training for mothers, working directly with the children and designing programs that include a greater number of infants.

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