There are many problems that can affect vision child and in turn, these impede the optimal visual development and learning in young children. When the baby is born, it is normal that they will undergo a visual inspection, to verify that there is not any type of infection or structural problems in the eyes, however, you should continue to follow the view of the infants.

Early detection of these vision problems in children is essential to prevent these infections can influence the development of the child, both parents, caregivers and teachers, we must be very attentive to any signs of eye conditions, especially, because they are still unaware of the correct functioning of the visual system.

It has also been determined that these same visual problems would affect directly to the school learning (How we learn, we read, we write, and the skill and agility with which they perform academic tasks). For this reason, specialists refer to the relationship between vision and learning and how many times the flaws in it are masked by conditions in the view.

How are they related?

  • Many children or adolescents with vision problems are diagnosed initially with disorders such as Attention Deficit disorder, and also with dyslexia or hyperactivity, without carrying out a prior examination of the eye.
  • Although the behavior between the Attention Deficits and visual problems may be similar, the diagnosis and treatment is different.
  • When the child can't see properly what is on the whiteboard, he can become distracted, irritable, talkative, and this delays their learning or the speed with which it performs its activities.

Most common problems in vision child

  • Lahipermetrop√≠a child or physiological (incorrect near vision).
  • Myopia (cannot see well far away).
  • The astigmatism (have a vision spot).
  • Color blindness (or deficiency or color blindness).
  • Strabismus (a lack of alignment or parallelism of the eyes).
  • Amblyopia, or lazy eye (lack of vision of one eye anatomically normal).


  • Examination of the development of the vision.
  • Use of appropriate glasses according to the examination carried out previously.
  • Treatment Visual Therapy to properly develop the Visual Skills.
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