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All a baby is, or can become, is determined above all by the first six years of life. In this period, the ability to capture information is second to none.

It is well known that babies are constantly learning, have a desire to be superior curiosity and explore the world. It is materially irrelevant to any attempt to curtail this yearning for learning. There is No punishment that discourage you and may not disuadírsele to not learn.

We can enhance their learning only to take away many of the physical restrictions. Just as you can multiply many times the knowledge is captured if we collaborate in its magnificent capacity and gives you unlimited opportunities. Yes, be careful because it may decrease the desire to learn from a child by limiting their experiences.

Children's reactions to toys

If you look at how the reaction of a child to the things around you, you will see that choose an object and looks at it, smells it, feels it, takes it to the mouth, bites, hits it, this lasts about 90 seconds. From there, you will already be bored. Frequently these 90 seconds lead to the conclusion that the child has an attention span very short and then it is not very smart, nothing could be further from the reality.

By the way you behave until you come to the conclusion that it is overactive, unable to pay attention, when the truth is that they are attentive to everything. Is pending and using their five senses.

Is committed to learn and, of course, the adult people do everything that is within their reach to stop it, because their learning process is too costly, and has traditionally tried to protect the child from these desires and learn.

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What happens if the child is many hours in the corral?

This not only limited the ability of the creature to learn, but that restricts softly his neurological growth by limiting its ability to creep and crawl. At the same time, inhibits the development of your vision, of your manual skill, your coordination between your hand and your things, etc

It would be much more reasonable than the space where it is left out of three and a half meters wide by seven meters long so that the baby can creep, crawl, and learn during these years is vital. This chart shows how should be the process of learning, a fun of the most high, in fact, that is the game most fabulous life.

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