By being a party full of gifts and activities, in the baby shower is very important to know who belongs to each gift, as otherwise it could cause confusion or delay in what you need to take this part of the party.

As well as the guests attending with total affection to the party, they cannot be expected to put a card to your gift or a great dedication, but it is possible to overcome the drawback in the same time, you'll need the help of a tarjetitas.

The recommendation is very simple:

Included in the purchase of the baby shower an amount prudent of gift cards, which merchants of all parts are sold by hundreds, dozens and even units.

As to which one to choose, can vary in several aspects:

  • The sex of the baby.
  • The theme of the party.
  • The guests.

Come the time of the party and prior to the beginning of the show, when the guests start arriving, espéralos next to the gift box and then greet you cordially ask their names and to put them clearly on the gift.

If the guest prefers not to give his name, it is best to leave it as well, to not be rude and avoid pressures that might damage the party. On the other hand remember to be attentive to the names that are not clearly written and correct them with a lot of discretion so that the person will not feel offended, avoiding breaking the wrapper or bag that covers it.

Guess who the gift

Now, if the majority of gifts do not come with a label, you can exit the step with an entertaining game that consists in guessing who presented with a gift, but the grace is to put a “special labeling” that identifies who offered it as a gift with a picture of him or her when she was a baby.

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You can also deliver cards where the guests write clues that give indications of what is your gift, for the mom to guess the contents of the gift.

Although it may seem a truism, to take account of this detail will mean a better development of the activities, such as what you have planned.

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